Kamis, 05 Februari 2009

Romantic Island

The Korean movie shot in the Philippines will finally be shown in Korea on December 24! In fact, they had a press conference yesterday in a theatre in Jongro-gu, Seoul yesterday. Those who attended are Lee Seon Gyun 이선균, Lee Soo Gyung 이수경, Lee Min Gi 이민기, and Eugene 유진. The director is Kang Cheol Woo. They also showed the trailer of the movie at the press conference. It looks funny and it’s so nice seeing all those familiar signs of home! I hope this will be a hit!

Romantic Island - the trailer


This drama seems exciting ...

Song Hye Gyo & Hyun Bin cocok ^^

annyeong ?
I've watched this series, there are exciting and sad too ....
Here Song Hye Gyo and Hyun Bin perfect...! Romantic ...^^ Song Hye Gyo pretty, cute, Hyun Bin is also handsome, cute. wah very suitable partner! great couple ... he he he

because watching Snow Queen and THE WORLD THAT THEY LIVE IN, so like the same Hyun Bin ..! I used to paying less attention to Hyun Bin, now so like him. if Song Hye Gyo from the first I've liked, since Endless Love played on Indosiar. until now beautiful is not lost even more beautiful.

Lucunya lagi pilih2 anak anjing, eh akhirnya ga di beli...

Drama THE WORLD THAT THEY LIVE IN, is the most clever select the actress he he he

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