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Sorry, I Love You (Mianhada Saranghanda)

Film Direktor : Lee Hyeong-Min
Autor : Lee Kyeong-hee
Production : KBS
Lenght : 16 Episode @ 1 Hour
Release Date : 2004



Cha Moo Hyuk is a small time scam-artist working the streets of Australia. He was abandoned by his parents as a kid and his foster parents brought him to Australia. Unfortunately, he was mistreated by his foster parents and thus roams the streets, cheating tourists out of their money when they are lost. It is through one of these scams that he bumps into Song Eun Chae. Song Eun Chae is the fashion coordinator and childhood friend of the famous Korean singer, Brother Choi Yune. She sees Brother Yune as her life's focal point and does everything she can to please him. Brother Yune visits Melbourne, Australia to do a photoshoot with another famous Korean actress, Kang Min Joo, who also happens to be good friends with Eun Chae. Brother Choi Yune gets Eun Chae to get him close to Min Joo, as he is interested in her. It breaks Eun Chae's heart but she does so accordingly. One day, Eun Chae's luggage and money are stolen by the same band of vagrant criminals as Moo Hyuk.

Left alone by Brother Yune, tired, hungry and helpless, she wanders the streets aimlessly until she bumps into Moo Hyuk who, moved by her plight, helps her in a heroic action scene. When some gangsters threaten her, she is forced to spend a night with him outside on the docks. The next morning, she awakes to find her luggage and money right in front of her. Moo Hyuk managed to find the stuff stolen by his gang and return it all to Eun Chae, and with her stuff, she's happily on a plane back to Korea, when she bumps into Min Joo and Choi Yune, who are now a couple. Several weeks later, Moo Hyuk receives an invitation for his ex-girlfriend's wedding. At the wedding, Moo Hyuk is accidentally shot twice in the head when someone attempts an assassination bid on his ex-girlfriend's husband. The doctor saves him but only can remove one bullet. The remaining bullet in lodged too deeply within his head such that it cannot be surgically removed. It's killing him, and he has no longer than a year to live. Moo Hyuk is dying and his ex-girlfriend now married. He's a roaming gangster and his life, an utter mess. Guilt-stricken, his ex-girlfriend gives him a huge stash of cash and tells him to go back to his native Korea to find his birth parents. He does so, and finds out that his mother is none other than the famous Korean actress, Oh Deul Hee. She has a son, Choi Yune and both mother and son are adored by the Korean people as they portray a loving relationship and are immensely popular.

Moo Hyuk is heartbroken when he even manages to enter the house of Oh Deul Hee, and sees the portrait of Choi Yune and her son. He bumps into his birth mother for the very first time in his life, but can't help but feel so betrayed because she is doing so well in life, whilst he is merely living out the remainder of whatever little time he has left.

Full of rage, he vows revenge upon the mother and son. He starts by getting close to Choi Yune, eventually making it to become his manager. Bit by bit, he plots to bring Choi Yune and his mother down, but never expects himself to fall slowly in love with Song Eun Chae, the girl he helped in Australia. Eventually, Choi Yune is struck in a car accident and he will die without a heart transplant. Suddenly, Moo Hyuk is stuck with the decision of saving his brother, or selfishly bringing them down.

Eventually Cha Moo Hyuk finds out the truth that his mother actually did not abandon him. His mother had an affair with a married man. Eun Chae's father (Oh Deul Hee's chauffeur) was the one who abandoned Cha Moo Hyuk as soon as he was born and told his mother that her child had died. Eun Chae's father did this because thought he was "saving" Oh Deul Hee's reputation because if the Korean society were to find out about her affair then she would be treated as a disgrace. Oh Deul Hee adopted Choi Yune in memory of Cha Moo Hyuk, still believing he is dead.

Once finding out this out, Eun Chae's father admits to the truth, and tells him that he is willing to accept any punishment. Cha Moo Hyuk shouts at him, restraining himself from strangling him. He tell Eun Chae's father that one day he will receive one.

Cha Moo Hyuk dies after a dramatic motorcycle-riding scene. Before his death he calls Song Eun Chae and tells her, "I'm Sorry. I love you." His heart is given to Chae Yune, who makes a full recovery. One year later, a heartbroken Song Eun Chae goes to Melbourne, Australia, and then wanders through the same neighborhoods where she and Moo Hyuk first met, and finally arriving at his grave, lies down on the ground next to his plot and appears to sleep peacefully, despite her crying. She dies there next to a small red bottle and leading the viewer to believe she committed suicide by drinking poison. This is the apparent punishment that Eun Chae's father receives - the death of his own daughter.


MY GIRL - 마이걸 / Ma-i-geol

Genre : Romance, Comedy
Episodes : 16
Broadcast network : SBS
Broadcast period : 2005-Dec-14 to 2006-Feb-02
Air time : Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Theme Song : Mario & Nesty - Never Say Goodbye


Extended Cast


Joo Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hae) is a tour guide in a small company in charge of running mini tours in the Jeju Island of South Korea. Her father is a gambling addict, but despite all the debts that he runs up, Yoo Rin always finds a way to help repay them. She leads a below-average life but is happy as long as she has her dad around her. Because of her father's gambling ways, she has had to move from country to country whenever her father runs from one place to another to avoid their debtors. This has in turn brought her the ability to converse fluently in Chinese and Japanese, which are of great help as a tour guide whenever she has to entertain tourists from China and Japan.

Seol Gongchan (Lee Dong Wook) is the only heir of the owner of L'Avenuel Hotel, which is one of the top hotels in Korea. His grandfather, Seol Woong, charges him with the duty of finding his granddaughter, who is also Gongchan's cousin. Seol Woong had disowned his own daughter, Gongchan's aunt, when she decided to marry a man not of his choice. However, when Seol Woong had a change of heart and wished to accept his daughter back, an earthquake struck where his daughter lived, and since then, he has lost all contact with his kin and perhaps the chance to make amends for his own stubbornness, to take care of his granddaughter and hopefully make things right.

Kim Seohyun (Park Si Yeon) is the girlfriend of Seol Gongchan. A rising star in the tennis world, she returns to Korea to look for Gongchan as she cannot forget him.

Seo Jung Woong (Lee Jun Ki) is the son of one of the main shareholders of L'Avenuel Hotel and also the best friend of Seol Gongchan. Unlike Gongchan who is responsible and hardworking, Jung Woong is a flirt who is known to have many girlfriends.

The story starts with Yoo Rin rushing to the airport. She is helping her friend delay a flight so that the tourists of her friend will not miss their flight. Out of ideas, she plays a damsel in distress, who is apparently mourning her impending death and her dying wish to see her boyfriend who is apparently on the flight. And so after much crying and the entire airport empathizing with her, she gets to get on board the plane to look for her boyfriend who never really existed. As she walks, she realizes she cannot find anyone and pretends to faint. Alas, she faints beside the seat of our male lead, Seol Gongchan, who knows a liar when he sees one. Although their first encounter is weird, it doesn't leave much of an impression in each other's mind.

Later, however, when Gongchan has to entertain a bunch of Chinese visitors and realizes he has no translator, he engages the services of Yoo Rin coincidentally and through Yoorin, his potential Chinese investors have a great time at the L'Avenuel Hotel branch in Jeju, and Yoorin has much credit to claim for it.

After a series of comical events including Yoorin staying at his hotel lodge without paying, and Yoorin selling his hotel fruit-yard's oranges to make a small profit (to clear her father's debts again), Gongchan's impression of Yoo Rin is one of a cheat and he would want to do anything to distance himself from her.

But then word from mainland Korea is that his grandfather is dying and at his bedside, Seol Woong, through his respirator, can only meekly repeat that he must not and cannot die until he sees his granddaughter again.

Driven by desperation and his love for his grandfather, Gongchan will do anything to ease his burden. When pointed out by his secretary that Yoo Rin bears a resemblance to his aunt, Gongchan hatches a plan to pass off Yoo Rin as his grandfather's long-lost granddaughter whilst he carries on searching for the real one.

Yoo Rin, who is desperate for money to repay her father's debt, is unwilling to do the job as it involves lying to a dying man, something that she staunchly refuses to do. But when Seol Gongchan desperately begs her and she realizes she is somewhat indebted to him for not bringing her to the police after her little business in his hotel, she caves in and pretends to the long-lost granddaughter.

And so things seem to be going well, with the search for Gongchan's long-lost cousin making progress and perhaps more importantly, the improvement of Gongchan's grandfather's conditions thanks to Yoo Rin. As Yoo Rin spends more time with Gongchan's family, she gets showered with the love she never received as a child and finds herself drawn to Gongchan. She finds herself changing from the liar that she once was to a person who tries to tell the truth when she can. She knows all too well that her one-sided love will never materialize as the difference in social status between Gongchan and herself is too big.

But unknown to her, Gongchan is also slowly being drawn to her...


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Full House

Film director : Pyo Min-soo
Author : Min Hyo-jeong
Production : KBS2
Length : 16 Episode @ 1 Hour
Release Date : 2004


Han Ji-eun (Song Hye-kyo) lives in a house called Full House, built by her father. She is an aspiring script writer at the beginning but later she becomes one. One day, her two best friends, for money reasons, trick her into believing she has won a free vacation, and while she is gone, they sell her house. On the plane, she meets Lee Young-jae (Rain), a famous actor. Through comedic events they get acquainted during her vacation, and when she returns, she discovers her house has been sold to him.

Though they don't get along with each other, as she is messy and he has a bad temper and likes cleanliness, they agree to live with each other. At first, Ji-eun works as his maid in order to buy her house back, but later, because of Young-jae's wish to make the love of his life, Kang Hye-won (Han Eun Jung) jealous, they get married. They set up a contract for the marriage to last six months. During that time, complications arise and Ji-Eun and Young-Jae become attracted to each other. Also, Ji-Eun starts to feel a strong bond with Young-jae's family. However, Young-jae's bad temper, along with the romantic attentions of Yoo Min-hyuk (Kim Sung Soo), Ji-eun's handsome and friendly publisher, starts to create a rift between the couple. So does Hye-Won, who starts to feel jealous when she sees Young-Jae and Ji-eun getting close. Eventually, Young-jae and Ji-eun get a divorce and he moves away.

When he returns, he realizes that Ji-eun hasn't married yet and knows that he has fallen in love with her - and she with him. He proposes to her, this time for the right reasons, and finally, they get married for a second time.

Ji-Eun is an optimistic and cheerful girl, loyal to her friends. Though naive and not very smart, she is shown as a character with spunk and a good heart as displayed in her efforts to be a writer. She lives in a beautiful home named Full House , which she inherited from her late parents. Her best friends are Hee Jin and Lee Dong Wook.
  • Rain as Lee Young-jae
Young-jae is a popular Korean actor, especially around girls. Though appearing to be egotistical and stubborn, mostly to maintain his pride, he has secret unrequited feelings for his childhood friend, Hye-Won. He also has a fragile relationship with his father, who is a doctor. Young-Jae also had a sister who died as a child. Though he can be selfish, he cares deeply for his friends.
Hye-won is a close family friend of Lee Young-Jae, knowing them since childhood. Working as a fashion designer, she also designs most of Young-jae’s clothes. With her rich family and attractive appearance, she is accustomed to attention from men, but has ever only loved Yoo Min-Hyuk.
Min-hyuk is a ladies' man. He is smart, skillful and respected, but remains detached from most people because of his busy lifestyle. He is also close friends with Young-Jae, who confides in him his feelings for Hye-Won. Min-Hyuk is a director of a large media company. Like Hye-Won, he is attractive and used to attention from women.


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Sassy Girl Chun Hyang


Lee Mong-ryong, son of a famous chief of police, is transferred from Seoul to a high school in Namwon, North Jeolla Province, because he is a trouble maker. He accidentally bumps into Sung Chun-hyang, shoots embarrassing photos of her and ends up swapping her cell phone with his. As a result, they are constantly in touch with each other and find out they attend the same school. Mong-ryong constantly bullies Chun-hyang and thanks to him, she becomes slightly sick. Feeling guilty, he visits her, only to mistakenly drink a whole bottle of wine, assuming it is juice. He immediately falls asleep on the only bed in the house, which consequently is the one Chun-Hyang is sleeping in. Thus, they spend the night with each other. Nothing sexual occurs, but thanks to their best friends, who know what happened and accidentally announce it on the school intercom, they are forced to marry each other in order to save their families' reputation, seeing as everyone at school assumes they have slept together. They eventually fall in love with each other, but Mong-Ryong's previous crush, Hong Chae-Rin, after rejecting him, then discovering his marriage, becomes jealous and tries to win him back. There is also the problem of Byun Hak-Do, an extremely successful talent agency director who falls in love with Chun-Hyang.

In order to help him get to college, Chun-Hyang helps him to his study so that he could be with Chae-Rin at Han-guk University, the most prestigious university in Korea. They are both accepted, but she does not reveal that she can not pay the tuition, and so she does not attend and lies to her family-in-law, telling them she will meet them in Seoul, not revealing that her mother is actually on the run. When Mong-Ryong finally does find Chun-Hyang, he tries again and again to reveal his feelings for her, while unearthing her feelings for him by moving into her new location. When he finally confesses outright, she denies him, claiming she never loved him, because of Chae-Rin's harsh statement that Mong-Ryong was merely pitying her and wished only to pay her back.

When the two finally do confess to each other, there is still one more problem. Byun Hak-Do, being rich, handsome and successful, assumes he could have any woman in the world, but when Chun-Hyang rejects him, he attempts to take her by blackmail. Several days before the real wedding between Mong-Ryong and Chun-Hyang, Mong-Ryong witnesses a woman being assaulted and attempts to save her. It turns out to be a plot, and so Mong-Ryong is now a criminal on the run. Byun Hak-Do carries an edited video of the security camera, putting Mong-Ryong in a bad light, and threatens Chun-Hyang that unless she goes to him, he will expose the video to the world. Chun-Hyang agrees and so Mong-Ryong is freed, but now, Chun-Hyang pretends to want to divorce him immediately to keep her end of the bargain. When the divorce is complete, she goes to Mr. Byun and the two of them prepare to travel to Japan, but at the last minute, she runs off and hides from both Mr. Byun and Mong-Ryong.

Several years pass and Mong-Ryong is now a famous prosecutor, the District Attorney of Seoul. Chun-Hyang has snuck off to Busan and now owns an accessories factory. Mr. Byun has just returned from Japan and people assume that his "fiancee" is still there as well. At the wedding of Mong-Ryong's and Chun-Hyang's two best friends, Bang Ji-hyuk and Han Dan-hee, Chun-Hyang sneaks in to drop off a present, and as she leaves, Mr. Byun sees her. In a rush to leave, she accidentally scrapes the car next to her, which is consequently Mong-Ryong's car. The two start a heated argument through Chun-Hyang's assistant, Kim Dong-Su, who goes to pay Mong-Ryong the money they owe for his car. Several crooks who follow assume Kim Dong-Su to be an informant and kidnap him. When the police rescue him, they discover the wedding picture from high school between Mong-Ryong and Chun-Hyang and show it to Mong-Ryong. When he sees it, he uses it to find Chun-Hyang again, but she still acts unhappy to see him, still frightened from knowing what Byun Hak-do has.

Finally, Byun Hak-do realizes that there are just some things in the world that he can't have, and finally releases the full unedited version of the tape so that everyone can see Mong-Ryong's true intentions.

To add to the happily ever after, Mong-Ryong re-proposes to Chun-Hyang and the two are married again. And they live happily ever after.


Korean Drama